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Santa's Little Helpers Registration

Santa's Little Helpers are dedicated to bringing Christmas to places where it normally wouldn't come. We have an awesome community of people willing to help out families who can't afford to celebrate Christmas themselves.

Before you can make a request to Santa's Little Helpers, you need to register on this form. We require you to supply some personal details about yourself, your family and your situation. Your information will be kept strictly confidential and is only visible to the moderators of SLH!

Before you start:

1 Make sure you've read and understood Our Rules.
2 Create a separate Amazon wish list for every person you request for. Name the list after the gift recipient and include SLH in the wish list name. Click here for instructions.
3 Make sure the total value of each wish list doesn't exceed $75, and that your address is set up as a shipping address for each list (see how that is done).
4 Make sure that your wish lists are set to PUBLIC, and are secured by disabling the "Buying this gift elsewhere" option (see how). Also, enable the "Keep purchased items on your list" option (see how).

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Who Are You Requesting For?

Note: You can only request for members of your own household, who live under your roof (spouse and children). You may only request for children if you are their parent or legal guardian. If you have custody over a child that is not your own, we may request that you provide legal documentation as proof of custody. Confirm that no one else has or plans to submit requests for anyone included in your registration.

Uploading photos: If you want, you can upload a photo of every person you're requesting for. We will send you the links to the photos so you can use them on Reddit, and we'll use them in our gallery of kids who have received little or no gifts yet.

(enter zero if you are registering for contests only)

Further Information

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Please review your registration one more time to ensure there are no errors, and all fields have been filled out. Click the Submit button below to submit your registration.

By submitting your registration below, you confirm you have read and understood all rules established and enforced by Santas Little Helpers, that all information provided is up-to-date and accurate, and that all persons included in this registration will not be included on any other registration.

Further, you attest that Christmas WOULD NOT HAPPEN for your family without the help from our Santas; that any and all potential help from family, friends, community groups and local charity groups have been considered prior to your submission. Everyone would love a bigger and better Christmas for their kids, but taking resources from kids who would not have a Christmas without the help of our Santas is cruel, greedy, and against what our community stands for.